With SSI’s growth in scope, footprint and workforce comes the need for a clearer articulation of our goals and achievements.

In FY2020, SSI adopted a Master Plan containing six strategic goals to help us make the transition from a small organisation solely focused on migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, towards a more diversified client base and a greater variety of funding.

Given this diversity, one of the key decisions from the review that led to the Master Plan was the need for better reporting on the outcomes of our programs.

In FY2020, together with consultants EY, we designed a framework to guide our reporting on program performance. The resulting ‘Outcomes Framework’ captures the work we do under six categories:



Economic Participation

Being able to participate in the workforce provides individuals with more than a source of income. It opens the way for economic independence, helps build identity and self-esteem, and deepens ties within the community.

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Social Inclusion

It’s one thing to live in a community, another to feel a welcomed and valued part of it. Social isolation can limit an individual’s ability to reach their potential, achieve happiness and participate in and give back to society. Promoting social inclusion among our participants and clients and building initiatives and practices to improve social cohesion with the wider community are key principles of SSI’s Social Impact Framework – and a foundational element of our mission. 

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Learning and Growth

Ongoing education and self-development can assist individuals to participate and contribute to the society in which they live. As well as providing the skills needed to join the workforce, learning provides an opportunity to grow as a person and to gain confidence, self-esteem and agency. The ongoing education of staff and knowledge transfer across SSI enables our teams to leverage skills to better serve the needs of clients – and to problem solve more optimally.

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Safety and Stability

A sense of being free from danger and upheaval is crucial to an individual’s ability to adjust to life in a new community and to embrace new challenges. It’s particularly important for SSI’s clients, many of whom have experienced trauma and conflict, or may face prejudice with regard to their race, sexuality or gender identity.

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Health and Wellbeing

Health and wellbeing play a crucial role in an individual’s or family’s ability to participate in society, to work and to achieve personal satisfaction and happiness. As well as physical health and having access to medical care, the concept takes in emotional and psychological wellbeing, too. Many of SSI’s clients come to Australia from areas of conflict and may need support with both their physical and mental health. Others are living with a disability, and some face severe social stigma in relation to their sexuality and/or gender identity.

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Capacity building, thought leadership and advocacy

A challenge faced by many of the most vulnerable members of society is shifting the unfair – and stubborn – perception that they are somehow of less value than others. While any human being can find themselves in a vulnerable situation, unconscious biases often lead society to vilify individuals in this position, assigning them labels like refugee, asylum seeker, unemployed, gender diverse, single mother or person with a disability, rather than acknowledging the nuanced and valuable human being within.

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